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Professional oboe reed monthly subcription

$18.00 / month for 12 months

Add one product to the cart for every professional oboe reed you would like monthly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions before ordering. You will have the ability to cancel or change your monthly plan at any time. This is a new addition to the website, so I appreciate your patience and feedback as any problems arise and  are worked out with the system.

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Product Description

Are you still trying to remember to order oboe reeds every month? Take one thing off your “To Do” list. Sign up for an oboe reed monthly subscription today.

Are you busy trying to remember all the things you need to do today? This week? This month? Do you suffer from forgetfulness? Are you looking for the most efficient way to guarantee you have oboe reeds for your next concert or your high schoolers band or orchestra class? Well by popular demand I am introducing a subscription oboe reed service for you.  I have a lot of customers looking for a convenient way to ensure they always have oboe reeds in their reed cases. I am opening up my subscription services to the general public and not just special clients.

Priority status each month.

Your monthly subscription order will get priority status each month. I quit my day job to become a full-time oboe reed maker several years ago and have not looked back! I have spent years looking at my business model, and reed making process, to create efficiency in the reed making, selling, and buying  process. I love reed making and work very hard to keep my wait time as low as possible. I keep it around a week fairly consistently with no one needing to wait several months to receive their orders. There are times when I do fall slightly behind due to the volume of orders I receive. As a monthly subscriber, your order will be filled around the same time each month so you can expect your oboe reeds without any long wait times. I changed my business structure to focus on consistency and not making reeds to order with specific requests (except on custom orders). This allows me to make a lot more reeds without waiting for orders to come in before I start making the reeds. Reeds are made over the course of many soaking and drying periods, but with consistency and quality being my number one concern.


 Price lock.

You will also be locked into the price you subscribed to for the whole year. My  costs continue to rise and with that prices must go up as well. I work very hard to keep prices down and quality high, but due to things outside of my control my prices must go up from time to time. Your subscription orders will ensure your reed costs do not change for one year, even if mine do. I do plan to raise the prices on reeds in 2017 by $1 so your subscription will keep you at the lower price for the whole year.

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