closed black 3 oboe reed case

oboe reed case for 3 reeds


oboe reed case for 3 reeds. Black synthetic leather exterior with ribbon style interior. A nice inexpensive reed case to protect your oboe reeds. Allows proper ventilation to allow reeds to dry between use without growing mold.

Oboe reeds should not be stored in the plastic container I use for shipping. The plastic containers do not allow proper ventilation, which may cause the oboe reeds to mold. The foam inserts inside the plastic reed cases I ship reed in can also catch on the tip of the oboe reed which can cause the tips to break. The plastic oboe reed cases are fine for long term storage of dry reeds, but not daily use.

This attractive faux leather case will prolong the lives of your oboe reeds. It will also fit into most oboe cases, allowing easy access to your oboe reeds.

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