About A.Lakota Oboe Reeds.

A.Lakota Reeds provides oboists with the best oboe reeds that allow them to Be Happy Oboe-ing. All oboe reeds are handmade in Massachusetts using the best materials and equipment.

My name is Aaron Lakota, I am a professional oboist, oboe reed maker, and teacher. I have been making oboe reeds for 17 years and playing the oboe for longer.  I am passionate about the oboe,  sharing my passion for the oboe with the world, and allowing my reed customers to share their own passion for performance.  My goal as a reed maker is to provide oboists with the best oboe reeds to suit their performance needs. I hope to help every professional, amateur and student to find their voice by providing high-quality oboe reeds. I hope to provide oboists with the best oboe reeds at the best value.

Every A.Lakota reed I make  is guaranteed against defects in materials and production. I will work hard to ensure you are happy with your oboe, or English horn reeds you receive. Please give me the opportunity to help you if you are not satisfied.

I am grateful for my customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Us page to tell me what I am  doing right or what I  can improve on. Thank you to all my current and future and past customers, you are the best! Happy oboe-ing  -Aaron

The Current Wait Time is 14-21 days